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This is a Web Ring set up for any Online Gaming Groups that are looking for a way to increase traffic to there site and get more members.  As of now we are the only Web Ring that I have heard of that has the "Top Site".  This site is chosen on 4 factors, Web design, how man hits it our from our ring it gets, how many hits it gets in from out ring, and also how many hits are total on the page (This will be overlooked if there is no counter).  Also all the sites on this web ring will be screen and check to see if they match the criteria that we have set forward. However if you have noticed a site that doesn't have anything to do with this web ring please E-Mail me at If you would like to Join this web Ring please Click the banner below.

The Rating for each site has been remove and I now do ranks for the sites by doing it on how active they are. This means how many people are using the Web Ring fragment on there page.

The Sites

Rank Title Description Activity
1 Winter Killers A StarCraft and Diablo 2 Clan/Guild. Very
2 AnGeLs Of Blood's Clan Page We're a legit Diablo and Diablo II guild who offer freedom to members. Our ranks are among the best Hiarchy possible for a guild. In all it resembles the Mafia hehehe. But hey..we just play for the fun of it..and we rid Bnet of Pk's. Fairly
3 Seraph Angels We are the Seraph Angels. We hold a substantial amount of info on Diablo II. We update our site daily. Join us, ally with us, don't waste time, take a look already! Fairly
4 Avengers of the Dark Realm We are the Avengers of the Dark Realm. We are a Diablo clan that kills any legit who seeks to destroy the Dark Master. We defend Diablo. Modertly
5 KOR Homepage A small clan yet, but a lot of info on Warcraft 2. Some
6 WarCraft Gamers Incorporated A good clan with about 20 members, all skilled veterans chosen by Leader~Blue and Leader~Red Little-None
7 Natural Born Killerd D2 clan Edited For Content Queued
8 Element of fire Clan A Diablo II bounty hunter clan join now or put a price on someones head Queued
9 Your Site Here? Your Description Here? N/A

Think your better than a site up there well then add your site to the web ring!

This is an Example of what the Web Ring will Look like.

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